Use Your Diffuser:

1) Insert the glass body into the wooden diffuser base
2) Insert the wall plug into a wall outlet and the other end into the wooden base.
3) Pour 10-15 drops of the essential oil of your choice into the glass body and insert the glass topper into the opening of the glass body.
4) Turn the knob on the wooden base to a level of mist that you desire. The farther you turn, the more mist that is generated. 
5) The automatic internal timer will have your oils misted into the air for 5 minutes and then let them disperse for 2 minutes, while remaining idle. Then back on for 5 minutes in a constant cycle, keeping your air misted and your nose, body, and spirit happy.
6) The diffuser has safety feature of an automatic shut off after 3 hours of use so no need to worry about turning off the diffuser.
7) To reset the diffuser, turn the knob all of the way to the off position and then back to the level of mist you desire.



Clean Your Diffuser:

If your diffuser is misting slowly or clogged and not misting at all, this means that the oils are gunning up the glass tube in the center of the glass body. Follow the instructions below to keep your diffuser is good working order.

The best way to clean your glass body is
1) Remove the glass body from the diffuser base.
2) Rinse with warm soapy water.
3) Pour about 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol the glass.
4) Swish around the rubbing alcohol for about 1 minute.
5) Pour out the alcohol and flush thoroughly with warm water.
6) Replace the glass body into your diffuser base and start diffusing.